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Swindon Striders

We are a friendly road and trail running club based in Swindon. Created in 1995 by a small group of recreational runners we have always aimed to welcome all levels and type of runner. So whether you just want to get fit in the fresh air, meet like minded people or want to train hard for that next race there are runners of all types at the club.

The club meets on Monday and Friday evenings with different paced groups running between 4 - 7 miles. There are also more structured coach lead interval and conditioning training sessions on Wednesday evenings.

Members also organise more informal runs during the week and at the weekend, with cake and pastries often featuring afterwards. 

If you would like further details about our club please contact one of our committee members via

Or Visit the Swindon Striders public Facebook Page

Croft Leisure Centre

6:45 pm
Croft Leisure Centre, Croft Sports Centre, Marlborough Lane, Swindon, SN3 1RA

Link Centre

6:45 pm
Link Centre, Link Centre, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 7DL (meet car park by The Harvester)

Upcoming Events

Friday ‘Pub with a Run’

April 19, 2024
6:30 pm

Strawberry Thief Pub, Tadpole Village, SN25 2RA
Friday 19th April Striders' 'Run with a Pub'
This month's "Run with a Pub" is round Tadpole Village - starting from the Strawberry Thief (Tadpole Tadpole Garden Village, Mackay Cres, Swindon SN25 2RA). The route meanders around the "Tadpole Village Front Garden" before following the cycle path through Oakhurst to the junction of Oakhurst Way and Tadpole Village. We then follow the path looping back round to the foot of Blunsdon Hill where we turn back towards Tadpole Village. Follow along until we meet the path back across the "front garden" and up to William Morris Way. From there a wiggle through following as close as we can the northern perimeter of the area. Dropping back to follow Eastlake to the West end where the build is continuing before looping back along The Stray then back to the Strawberry Thief for a well earned drink! (
Shorter loops are possible by not going as far into Oakhurst or up towards Blunsdon.
Meet at the West end of Strawberry Thief Carpark (in the overflow bit) from 6.30 for 6.45pm run.

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Annual membership fees are £35 for 2024_25. Membership includes registration with England Athletics (Registration No 2658659) so you get reduced race entry fees and you are covered by their Public Liability Insurance, as well as many other benefits and discounts. 


Online Membership Application

    I the undersigned, wish to renew/apply for membership of the above running club.

    For the purposes of communication the club holds details of phone numbers and email addresses. We also submit your details to England Athletics for Affiliation.

    If you are a member of another UK Athletics affiliated club or Swindon Tri Club.

    2024-25 Membership is £35 for existing and new members and members. £22 for 2nd claim.

    I understand that I must abide by the rules laid down in the Club Constitution at all times.
    I have received and will adhere to the <a href="/downloads/Risk-Assessement.pdf" title="Download the Health and Safety Risk Assessment" target="_blank">Health and Safety Risk Assessment</a> provided.
    I have read and understood the <a href="/downloads/Striders-GDPR.pdf" title="Download the GDPR statement" target="_blank">GDPR statement</a>.

    On confirmation of your membership application you will receive an email from England Athletics requesting payment via their Stripe payment platform.

    If there is an issue with this and we need you to do a bank transfer instead, our details are:



    Swindon Striders

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    Club Kit

    photograph of Striders running vest in green, white and black

    Vest £20.00

    Short Sleeved Shirt £22.00

    Club Records

    Womens Club Records

    Womens Open
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmFiona Gordon4600:20:0214/01/2016Greg Simpson 5KM Handicap
    5 MilesFiona Gordon4200:33:1211/06/2011Broad Town 5
    10 KmStephanie Knott2700:40:3711/06/2014Lethbridge
    10 MilesCarole Phillips4701:08:4204/10/2009Oldbury Power Station 10
    Half MarathonCarole Phillips4301:30:2519/03/2006Bath
    20 MilesHelen Audrain2602:26:5302/03/2008Gloucester
    MarathonCarole Phillips4503:14:3613/04/2008London

    Womens 35+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmClaire Smith/Hall3800:20:4620/05/2009Back in a Flash
    5 MilesHayley Lewis3900:33:5307/04/2019Higworth 5
    10 KmHayley Lewis3800:42:2419/11/2017Swindon
    10 MilesHayley Lewis3801:09:0211/02/2018Wiltshire 10
    Half MarathonHayley Lewis3901:34:2310/06/2018Lacock
    20 MilesJackie Uzzell3702:47:4609/03/1997Gloucester

    Womens 40+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmFiona Gordon4200:20:1101/09/2010Coate Water
    5 MilesFiona Gordon4200:33:1211/06/2011Broad Town 5
    10 KmFiona Gordon4200:41:3821/11/2010Swindon
    10 MilesGeri Taylor4201:11:0319/04/2019Good Friday Chippenham 10
    Half MarathonCarole Phillips4301:30:2519/03/2006Bath Half
    20 MilesAnnabel Billett4002:39:2220/02/2011Bramley 20
    MarathonGeri Taylor4203:22:1328/04/2019London

    Womens 45+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 Km Fiona Gordon4600:20:0214/01/2016Greg Simpson 5KM Handicap
    5 Miles Fiona Gordon4600:33:1412/04/2015Highworth 5
    10 Km Fiona Gordon4500:41:5123/02/2014Wangaratta 10K (Australia)
    10 MilesCarole Phillips4701:08:4204/10/2009Oldbury Power Station 10
    Half MarathonCarole Phillips4601:29:2316/11/2008Gosport Half
    20 MilesCarole Phillips4702:24:1801/02/2010Bramley 20
    MarathonCarole Phillips4503:14:3613/04/2008London

    Womens 50+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmCaroline McBeth5100:21:1304/06/2013Melksham 5K
    5 MilesCaroline McBeth5000:36:0216/06/2012Broad Town 5
    10 KmCaroline McBeth5100:44:2306/10/2013Cricklade
    10 MilesCaroline McBeth5001:14:1529/03/2013Maidenhead
    Half MarathonCaroline McBeth5101:38:0215/09/2013Bristol Half
    20 MilesJude Rouse5102:32:0001/02/2005Bramley 20
    MarathonJude Rouse5203:30:3917/04/2005London

    Womens 55+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmCaroline McBeth5500:22:1508/08/2017Heddington 5K
    5 MilesCaroline McBeth5700:38:1907/04/2019Highworh
    10 KmCaroline McBeth5500:45:5219/11/2017Swindon
    10 MilesCaroline McBeth5601:19:3930/03/2018Good Friday 10
    Half MarathonCaroline McBeth5501:41:4704/09/2017Swindon
    20 Miles     
    MarathonCaroline McBeth5604:08:5626/05/2018Edinburgh

    Womens 60+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmCaroline McBeth6000:23:4105/11/2022Lydiard Parkrun
    5 MilesCaroline McBeth6000:39:5718/06/2022Broad Town
    10 KmCaroline McBeth6000:50:3216/04/2023Newport
    10 MilesJackie Sayer601:24:3115/10/2023Great South Run
    Half Marathon     
    20 MilesCaroline McBeth603:00:4719/03/2023Hullavington 20
    MarathonJackie Sayer604:12:2923/04/2023London

    Womens 65+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmCaroline Boulton6723:0821/01/23Lydiard Parkrun
    5 Miles     
    10 Km     
    10 Miles     
    Half Marathon     
    20 Miles     

    Mens Club Records

    Mens Open
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmMatt Blackmore2500:17:0302/09/2009Back in a Flash
    5 MilesMartin Davis2900:27:12?/06/2004Didcot
    10 KmKev Smith4800:35:0219/11/2017Swindon
    10 MilesJohn Lewis3900:57:5312/02/2017Wiltshire 10
    Half MarathonMartin Davis3001:15:4806/03/2005Reading
    20 MilesKev Smith4802:01:3120/03/2018Gloucester 20
    MarathonKev Smith4902:47:3729/04/2018Newport

    Mens 40+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmTim Osman4400:18:0503/09/2008Back in a Flash
    5 MilesMick Willis4000:29:59??/06/2000Broad Town 5
    10 KmJohn Lewis4000:35:3319/11/2017Swindon 10km
    10 MilesJohn Lewis4001:00:1411/02/2018Wiltshire 10
    Half MarathonNeil Pringle4001:18:????/01/2000Highworth
    20 MilesNeil Pringle4102:10:0525/03/2001Worthing
    MarathonPeter Gilder4003:01:3622/04/2012London

    Mens 45+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmKev Smith4800:17:3726/08/2017Swindon Parkrun
    5 MilesCorin Wiltshire4500:29:1612/04/2015Highworth 5m
    10 KmKev Smith4800:35:0219/11/2017Swindon
    10 MilesKev Smith4800:59:0411/02/2018Wiltshire 10
    Half MarathonKev Smith4801:18:4604/09/2017Swindon
    20 MilesKev Smith4802:01:3120/03/2018Gloucester 20
    MarathonKev Smith4902:47:3729/04/2018Newport

    Mens 50+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmChris Skyes5100:17:1220/05/2009Back in a Flash
    5 MilesChris Skyes5000:27:3714/06/2008Broad Town 5
    10 KmKevin Smith5000:36:0917/11/2019Swindon 10K
    10 MilesPeter Sweeney5001:07:3315/02/2015Wiltshire 10m
    Half MarathonKevin Smith5001:19:0323/02/2020Wokingham Half
    20 MilesPeter Sweeney5002:26:4410/03/2015Gloucester 20
    MarathonKevin Smith5002:50:4628/04/2019London

    Mens 55+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmPeter Sweeney5700:19:2914/08/2021Lymington Park Run
    5 MilesColin Child5500:30:3612/05/1996Chiseldon
    10 KmColin Child5500:39:3607/07/1996Sherston
    10 MilesColin Child5501:05:2314/07/1996Salisbury
    Half MarathonPeter Sweeney5601:24:2516/05/2021Hullavington
    20 MilesColin Child5702:22:4124/03/1998Gloucester 20
    MarathonColin Child5603:11:5515/06/1997Potteries

    Mens 60+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmJohn Gallagher6300:21:0309/07/2022 Lydiard Park Run
    5 MilesJohn Gallagher6300:34:2817/06/2023Broad Town 5
    10 KmJohn Gallagher6300:42:2821/06/2023Chippenham Longest Day 10k
    10 MilesJohn Gallagher6201:11:2519/12/2021Hullavington
    Half MarathonColin Child6001:30:0228/07/2001Swanage Half
    20 MilesJohn Gallagher6102:24:4119/03/2023Hullavington 20
    MarathonJohn Gallagher6303:16:5825/09/2022Berlin

    Mens 65+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmAndy Reade6500:23:0521/07/2012Park Run
    5 MilesAndy Reade6500:36:3317/05/2012Weston Prom Run
    10 KmEd O'Dwyer 00:44:5620/11/2016Swindon 10km
    10 MilesDave Fouracre6901:22:5616/06/2013Kennet Kanter
    Half MarathonEd O'Dwyer6501:46:2701/05/2016Limerick Half
    20 Miles     

    Mens 70+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmAndy Read7100:26:3515/04/2023Parkrun Lydiard
    5 MilesEd O'Dwyer7100:41:4018/06/2022Broad Town
    10 KmEd O'Dwyer7100:52:0615/06/2022Lethbridge 10k
    10 MilesDave Fouracre7101:30:0503/04/2015Maidenhead 10m
    Half MarathonEd O'Dwyer7001:49:3316/05/2021Hullavington Half
    20 Miles     

    Mens 75+
    DistanceNameAge on dayTimeDateVenue
    5 KmDave Fouracre7828:3111/09/21Lydiard Park Run
    5 MilesDave Fouracre7643:5815/06/19Broad Town 5
    10 KmDave Fouracre7654:4212/06/19Lethbridge 10K
    10 MilesDave Fouracre762:02:0713/01/19Rough and Tumble
    Half Marathon     
    20 Miles